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Our VR game, SCARY MINE, will SOON be AVAILABLE for early access on Steam!

Are you ready to face your fears? Grab your VR headset and embark on an adventure into the unknown!

Add it to your wishlist NOW on Steam Early Access:

Level Up Boxing VR

Boxing is the pinnacle of fun with your real-life physical punching skills in VR game. Use your in-game punching ability with your real-life punching skills. Enjoy heavyweight fighting action against inboxes and take down the big bad bosses. Are you tough enough to handle all this challenge? Take your boxing game to the next level to defeat criminals with your soul and jaw-breaking blows.

You can also shatter glass objects, punch bad guys, and smash red cubes and boxes, which are two completely different things.

Do you remember the bully kid who beat you? Now with this game, you can be the one who can stand against bullies with the whirlwind of your iron fist!

Let the war begin! Punch, counterpunch, power punch, overhead kick, body blow or hook and be the last man standing!

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