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Earthquake Training Simulation System

FAYSİM offers a realistic experience with earthquake scenarios in a risk-free environment.

FAYSİM offers a platform that brings users to a wireless, lightweight and plug-and-play experience with its state-of-the-art virtual reality glasses. Thanks to these glasses, users can move in the virtual home environment while walking in the real world, and interact with real-life hand movements by transferring them to the virtual environment.

Realistic Features:

  • Without the need for controllers, users can complete tasks in the virtual environment with the same movements they make in real life.

  • Modular infrastructure allows new virtual environments and scenarios to be developed and integrated into the system quickly and cost-effectively.

Earthquake Scenarios:
According to the earthquake regulations, in FAYSİM's virtual reality application, users can learn the vital rules they must follow in case of an earthquake. The scenario includes these steps:

  • Movement to Safe Zone: When the earthquake begins, the user moves towards the life triangle (safe zone) and assumes the fetal position.

  • Shaking End: The user waits in the safe area until the earthquake shaking ends.

  • Ensuring Safety: When the earthquake ends, safety is ensured by turning off the water valve, natural gas valve and electrical fuse.

  • Emergency Signal: If the player does not complete the missions, they will fail; Therefore, the whistle (bell) should be sounded last.

  • Earthquake Kit Preparation Scenario

  • 7-12 Year Earthquake Scenario

  • Adult Earthquake Scenario

Instructor App

  • User profiles and training settings are controlled by the administrator in the trainer panel.

  • Scenario selections and earthquake intensity selection are provided on the instructor panel.

  • Via the Trainer application, virtual reality glasses images can be projected live on an external screen. All activities can be monitored simultaneously

FAYSİM's virtual reality application provides realistic experiences to its users, allowing them to receive training in emergency scenarios and learn the correct reactions. Thanks to its modular infrastructure, it is possible to enrich the user experience by constantly adding new scenarios.

You can contact us for detailed information and discover our special solutions for your education needs.

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