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Fire Extinguisher Training Simulation

Interactive Virtual Reality Simulation Aiming to Provide Realistic and Operational Level Training on Fighting Class A, B and F Fire Types

Firefighting training is the foundation for everyone to acquire a vital skill. However, actual fire events can be dangerous enough to make learning in an educational environment impossible. This is where "FireVR" comes into play. This virtual reality simulation offers people the opportunity to practice in a real fire environment while eliminating any physical risks.

System Componentforward



• Physical Modeling

-Fire Type

-Burning Material

-Oxygen Density


• Fire Types

-Class A Fires: Solid Material Fires such as Wood, Fabric, Paper

-Class B Fires: Flammable and Combustible Liquid Fires such as Fuel Oil, Solvent, Thinner

-Class F Fires: Cooking Environment in Cooking Utensils

Hardware Features

• Configurable Hardware Units
-VR Glasses and Control Handle
-Fire Extinguisher Model
-Curtain Production
-Visualization on Wide Screen

Simulation Management Ability
• Fire Extinguishing in Different Environments

• Education Senarways
-Tube Use
-Alarm Usage
-Escape from Fire
-Insurance Closing

Measurement and Evaluation in Fire Fighting
• Implementation of Correct Intervention Steps
• Intervention Distance
• Response Time

FireVR offers its users an interactive and safe training platform to improve their firefighting skills. It provides effective training by simulating real-world experience with various scenarios and measurement and evaluation features.

You can contact us for detailed information and discover our special solutions for your education needs.

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