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• Multiple scenario training (Enables training with different teams at the same time, accompanied by a single instructor, with different scenarios.)

• Vehicle and fire personnel control

• Joystick or touch interface control

• Route drawing algorithms

• Measurement and analysis, archiving


System features:

• Unlimited scenario creation

• Multiplayer training

The 3D simulation-based training system aims to train fire brigade personnel.


For Emergency Response Units;

  • In 3D Environment

  • Realistic Fire and Smoke Spread Models

  • Realistic Animations Supported by Artificial Intelligence


EMERSİM's Main Scenarios

  • Fire, Explosion

  • Acts of sabotage and terrorism

  • Earthquake

  • Floods and floods

  • Work accident scenarios

  • Fire Fighting Teams

  • Emergency Response Teams

  • Can be used by Aircraft Rescue Teams.


Key Features

  • Dynamic fire mechanics shaped depending on the starting source and various weather conditions

  • “Trainer Module” that allows shaping the accident scenario during gameplay

  • “Scenario Editor” that allows you to edit different types of airport accidents

  • “Measurement System” that allows the instructor to measure and evaluate student performance


Areas Where Tactical Training is Provided

  • Accurate and fast communication

  • Quick and accident-free arrival to the scene

  • accident analysis

  • Positioning

  • Response prioritization

  • Intervention with the right tool and in the right way

  • 3D game world

  • real airports

  • Real vehicles used in the operation

  • Realistic human models

  • Day and night operations

  • Dynamic weather conditions

  • Fire effects that enhance the accident scene


PreSore is designed to educate patients' families and the public about preventing pressure injuries, previously called pressure sores or bedsores.

  • Providing a profile of a patient at risk for pressure injury

  • Providing theoretical information and tips on the subject

  • Patient care programs to prevent pressure injuries

  • Changing the patient's sleeping position

  • Mobilizing the patient

  • Examination of the patient's skin

  • Cleaning the patient's bed and clothes and keeping them clean at all times

  • Regular skin cleansing and care

  • Providing necessary care products for skin cleansing and care

  • Notifying the healthcare professional if necessary

  • 3D Real Life Models

  • 3D Home Environment

  • Realistic Patient Artificial Intelligence

  • Performance measurement

  • Feedback and Guidance

  • Learning Based Education

  • Game Based Learning

Mega Capital

It is a game in the virtual ecosystem where users can get real results according to their strategies and decisions.

The user is expected to take actions such as enterprise strategies, competitive strategies, pricing, marketing, sales and company establishment.

Mega Capital

Users can make new investments within the game, such as establishing new facilities, developing new technologies and adapting these technologies to their existing businesses.

Users are expected to conduct financial analysis, access funding sources and act according to financial market indicators.​

In the class

  • Three-Dimensional Classroom Environment 

  • Game Based Learning 

  • Three Level Education Model 

  • Creating Different Classroom Scenarios 

  • Performance Measurement, Feedback and Guidance 

  • Virtual Students with Artificial Intelligence 

  • Analyzable Student Characters 

  • Classroom Management 

  • Education Experience in Smart Classrooms

Sim in Class

3D Virtual Classroom Setting

Instructors have the opportunity to implement training processes by interacting with autonomous and avatar models in 3D virtual classrooms.

  • Three Stage Education Model

  • Scenario Creation and Management Tools

  • Artificial intelligence

  • Classroom Management

  • quantification and consideration

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