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Classroom Simulation

“Experience with virtual students”

Virtual and augmented reality based, education system to train teachers.

  • 3D Virtual Classroom Environment

  • Game Base Learning

  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer Mode

  • Creating Scenarios

  • Quick Feedback

  • High Fidelity Artificial Intelligence

  • Defining Student Personality

  • Classroom Management

  • Using Technology

  • Pedagogical Approaches

Simofun Classroom Simulation

Creating and Managing Scenarios

  • Identifying scenario criteria

  • Preparing lesson plans

  • Creating classroom floor plan

  • Organizing student information

Simofun Simulation System

Artificial Intelligence

  • Autonomous and avatar student models

  • Realistic student behavior taxonomy

Classroom Management

  • Dealing with misbehavior

  • Practicing various approaches impacting on the students

  • Monitoring concentration, entertainment and level of knowledge

  • Time management

  • Experimental approaches

Simofun Simulation System

Measurement and Evaluation

  • Instructor performance and training history record

  • Detailed reporting and analyses

  • Statistical measurement

  • Performance analyses

  • Giving feedback and providing direction

Simofun Simulation System
Simofun Simulation System

3-Level Educational Simulation

  • Singleplayer mode

  • Multiplayer mode

  • Computer Aided Virtual Environment(CAVE) mode

3D Virtual Classroom Setting

Instructors have the opportunity to practice the educational processes by interacting with autonomous and avatar models at 3D virtual classrooms.

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