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Serious Games

Serious games are real incident simulations that are intended to direct players in designated training and target purposes by using the fun focus of traditional games. Serious games technologies provide possibilities for players to accomplish real lifelike processes such as analyzing, decision, planning in a virtual environment. In this context, there is wide range of application area for serious games technologies; it benefits to public and private companies on education, finance, defense, health, scientific researches, engineering, project management, advertising, sales/marketing and likewise strategic planning and decision-making processes.

Simofun develops serious game systems through its sectoral level infrastructure and experience on simulation systems and tactical game applications. Following the technologic advancements closely, Simofun creates scenarios with different purposes and for different environments; and it turns them into products by supporting with interesting displays and models.

Simofun also aims to produce game projects more accurately and faster through its underdevelopment infrastructure system.





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