• 3D Real-Life Models

  • 3D Home Environment

  • Realistic Patient Artificial Intelligence

  • Performance Measurement

  • Feedback and Guidance

  • Learning-based Education

  • Game-based Learning

PreSore was designed to educate the patients’ relatives and the community on the prevention of pressure injuries, which was formerly named pressure sores or bed sores.

PreSore was developed to provide information through game-based training about the basic practices regarding the prevention of pressure injuries,  which is an important health problem throughout the world.

With the PreSore: 3D Pressure Injury Prevention Simulation Game, educational care activities are provided about the strategies to prevent pressure injuries. 

Our game measures the performance of the players by giving feedback and guidance throughout the game along with detailed reports and analysis.


To provide basic care to prevent pressure injury in the virtual patient receiving home care,
PreSore includes:

  • Providing profile of a patient at risk of pressure injury

  • Providing theoretical information and tips on the subject

  • Patient care programs to prevent pressure injuries

  • Changing the patient's lying position

  • Mobilizing the patient

  • Examining the patient's skin

  • Cleaning the patient's bed and clothes, keeping them constantly clean

  • Regular skin cleansing and care

  • Providing the necessary care products for skin cleansing and care

  • Notifying the healthcare professional in case of need

PreSore provides a virtual reality-based training on the stages of patient care for pressure injury patients.

Measurement and Evalutation:


  • Detailed reporting and analysis

  • Feedback and guidance

  • Unlimited 3D patient care training