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Mega Capital

  • You are in the suburbs, and try to make your way to the upper class.

  • You start with a business idea,

  • Do surveys about it,

  • Prototype your idea,

  • Get loans from friends and family,

  • Rent an office or get in an incubation center,

  • Establish your company,

  • Start mass production,

  • Rent or buy a warehouse,

  • Increase your business network,

  • Sale your product to markets and malls,

  • Get an angel investor or get a loan from a bank,

  • Earn money and pay your taxes,

  • Hire employees and increase production.

  • After you start growing your business, start marketing your product on a zeppelin!

  • Or do online marketing for e-commerce.

  • Do some research on more advanced technologies.

  • Export your products to other countries.

  • Demand is always changing in the game so you have to offer the right product at the right time.

  • You should make clever decisions, manage your cash flow to grow your business.

  • You should watch for bottlenecks and avoid them.

  • In the end, you will have a great company which is selling across the globe.

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