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Fire Fighting VR Simulation

FireVR is an Interactive Virtual Reality Simulation Aimed to Provide Realistic and Operational Level Training in Fighting with A, B and F Class Fire Types.

System Components Modeling

  • Physical Modeling 

- Fire Type
- Burning Material
- Oxygen Density

  • Fire Types

- Fire Class A: Solids like wood, cloth,
   paper etc.
- Fire Class B: Explosives and
   combustibles like oil fuel, thinner
- Fire Class F: Cooking equipments etc. 

Simofun VR Simulation System
Simofun VR Simulation System

Ability to Manage Simulation

  • Firefighting in Different Environments

 - Office
 - Workplace
 - Kitchen 

  • Training Scenarios

- Use of Extinguisher
- Use of Alarm
- Escape from Fire
- Fuse Closure

Hardware Properties

  • Configurable Hardware Units 

- VR Headset 
- Fire Extinguisher Model 
- Cave 
- Projection 
- Visualization on a Large Screen

Fire Fighting Assessment and Evaluation 

  • Implementation of Correct Intervention Steps

  • Intervention Distance

  • Intervention Period 

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