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Tactical and Operational Training Simulation for

  • Fire Fighting Teams

  • Emergency Response Teams

  • Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Teams

With the features of

  • Multiplayer

  • 3D Modelling and Simulation

  • Integrated with Virtual Reality Hardware

  • Individual and Team Training Infrastructure

  • Realistic Fire and Smoke Propagation Models

  • Realistic Animations Supported by Artificial Intelligence

Tactical and Operational Training Simulation 

Simulation of Impossible / limited emergency

  situations in 3D virtual environment 

• Artificial Intelligence supported     

  behavioral models 

• Machine Learning supported animations for

   non-player characters and models 

• Unlimited scenario support 

• Individual and Multi player training simultaneously 

• Multiple scenario training at the same time 

• 3D maps and real environment models

• 3D vehicle and equipment models 

• Touch screens (3.5 mt x 1.4 mt from 22 inch), 

  joystick, steering and simulator integration

• Realistic fire, water, smoke etc. dynamic modelling 

• Virtual Reality Technology integration in

   operational training

• Voice communication in team training

• Record (log) management, performance

   measurement, analysis and evaluation

• Video recording and evaluation after training

Simofun Training Simulation System
Simofun Training Simulation System
Simofun Training Simulation System

Personal Benefits of Training in EMERSIM

  • Interactive training by playing games

  • Training in a 3D simulation

  • Enjoyable

  • Discovery

  • Motivating

  • Focus and engagement

  • Learning from mistakes

Scenarios of EMERSIM 

  • Fire in city, forest, hospital, tunnel, airport 

  • Explosion

  • Sabotage and terrorist acts

  • Earthquake

  • War

  • Floods

  • Oil Spill

  • Distribution of toxic or corrosive gases and liquids

  • Occupational accident scenarios

Simofun Training Simulation System
Simofun Training Simulation System
  • Learning by winning

  • Sharing success

  • Training in a risk-free and safe environment

  • Training where desired

  • Accompanied with special equipment in the classroom (if desired), on computer, tablet Playing alone or a part of team

Institutional Benefits of Training in EMERSIM

  • Intervention in the right place, at the right time, with the right method

  • Modeling of the vehicles, equipments and the environment specific to the needs of the institution

  • Modeling of dynamic effects such as weather / sea conditions, day / night for different climate and environmental conditions

  • Simulation of training without danger (Risk-free)

  • Training permanently (Experience)

  • Customizing the training according to the institution (Tailor made)

  • Tracking the trainees and reporting (Follow-up of success and interests)

  • Rewarding (Incentive, Taking responsibility), Economic (Saving)

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