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Journey From Simulation to Mobile Gaming
Simofun | Creates Fun with Game
We aim to provide the best mobile gaming experience with our years of experience in simulation and serious game production.
We have been developing simulators and serious games including war games in Simsoft Computer Technologies for more than 17 years. We started experimenting with mobile games a while ago. We think that we have aligned with the mobile gaming segment of the industry, and it is time to create a spinoff to be worth more as an independent venture. We will utilize our knowledge and experience in simulation production to create fun in the new venture, Simofun. Our team consists of experienced and knowledgeable developers, designers, and artists.

Simofun offers you the best simulation, virtual reality, serious game and mobile gaming experience as an independent venture compatible with the game segment of the industry in Turkey and abroad by conveying its knowledge and experience in simulation and serious game development. With the mottos "Simulation of Fun" and "Creates Fun with Game", it simulates fun to users with its games.

Continuing its current and need-oriented works with its innovative team, Simofun develops its game projects to be compatible with all mobile platforms, devices such as desktop, tablet and mobile phones with Multi-Platform support.

It offers special solutions to users by undertaking many Serious Games, Simulation and Virtual Reality Projects in cooperation with institutions and organizations.

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Simofun Timeline

Kristal Piksel

Video Game

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SGS&C The Best

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Mega Capital


Serious Games

S&C Finalist - Siminclass


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Finalist - FireVR


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Finalist - PreSore

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